DIA –European Digital Industry Alliance


COSME - "Cluster Go International"

Funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020)


DIA European Digital  Industry Alliance is a partnership of six European clusters (and more than 850 companies) involved in digital industry to foster cross-sectorial and  international cooperation among SMEs and enhance innovation in the field of digital technologies and smart manufacturing.

The alliance puts together both ICT and industrial/manufacturing clusters and supports companies to catch market challenges and opportunities offered by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in term of modernisation of production and business models through digitalisation and support them to commercialise joint products at international scale.

DIA leads clusters and companies to increase their competitiveness fostering international cooperation and enhance innovation for internationalization with a European coherence: the alliance aims to promote a “made in Europe” defining a value chain around an innovative transnational cross-sectorial collaborative approach to commercialize digital technologies and products developed by SMEs.