Webinar 'Citizen: Digital&Sustainable Communities'

Sexta, Julho 22, 2022 - 08:30 a 10:30

TICE.PT is organizing the Webinar Citizen: Digital&Sustainable Communities will take place, in digital format, on the 22nd of july, at 9:30 (CEST).

Solutions (digital and sustainable) for Cities of the Future will be discussed, as well as the role of the citizen.

Join us on the 22nd!

Register https://bit.ly/3bSiG3h


We see this webinar as a first step in a journey that we intend to take together in the coming years, leveraged by initiatives as the digital innovation hubs and gaia-x.

This webinar is organized within the scope of the CONNECTION project, which aims to strengthen clustering activities and their effectiveness and efficiency in terms of innovation and international competitive capacity of the cluster and the Tice sector - this project is co-funded by COMPETE2020, P2020 and by European Union