New possibilities of learning cloud-based services introduced in ICT vocational teachers networking seminar in Estonia

30 Mar, 2021

On March 25, Estonia held a networking seminar for vocational teachers of information and communication technology, where teachers from the ICT department of Tartu Vocational Education Centre also participated and shared their experiences.

Almost 50 participants attended the seminar from vocational schools all over Estonia and among other things, Tartu Vocational Educational Centre shared their experience of teaching cloud-based services.

Tartu VEC Head of the ICT Department Signe Vedler introduced the possibilities of learning cloud-based services on the example of the Tartu Vocational Education Centre, where cloud-based services are taught as optional studies in the form of innovative team learning. “The learners are divided into 3-member teams and brought together with real customers who need to switch to the cloud service. During the 21-day training divided into ten study weeks, a preliminary structural plan is completed for the client, and a specific solution is planned and implemented during the next 130-day practice,” Vedler explained. In addition to the professional teacher, entrepreneurship and project management teachers and an internship supervisor are involved in the project. Students, in turn, can kill several birds in one stone: to acquire the necessary theoretical basis, to perform an internship and gain teamwork experience, but also to complete the dissertation.

This is a pilot project carried out within the framework of the Erasmus+ project “Digital Innovation Hub for cloud-based services” (DIHUB). The project involves partners from Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Portugal.

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