TICE.PT participated in the Webinar “The state of the semiconductor market in Europe and the world”

31 Jan, 2024

Organized by the European ALLPROS.eu initiative, which promotes Europe's industrial and digital sovereignty, this interesting Webinar took place on January 29th, at 5 pm.

In this event, which is part of a set of Webinars on Market Trends, it was possible to "navigate" the current, ever-changing scenario of the global semiconductor industry, with a special focus on Europe and it was also possible to gather information on the semiconductor value chain, market dynamics and the forces that shape this dynamic sector.

It is intended that, through this set of events, it will be possible to reach the main players in the European semiconductor industry.

The event took place following the next topics as drivers for the interventions:

  • Introduction to the current scenario of the semiconductor value chain, with a speech by Stefano Selleri from the EC.
  • Semiconductor Market Trends Based on 2023 Data, by Mario Morales (IDC)
  • Key challenges facing Europe in the semiconductor value chain, by Richard Barnett (Siemens)
  • Key take-ways, final observations and how to be part of ALLPROS.eu